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Are bodybuilding supplements effective? From testosterone boosters to whey protein, supplements that promise to build stronger muscles in the fastest way possible are a big industry. Are bodybuilding supplements effective?  They are all marketed to people in pretty much the same way – that this particular supplement will make you get jacked, build muscles easily, become fit in just an X amount of days and the likes. The question remains though, are bodybuilding supplements effective? Let’s find out!

Here’s the things, not all supplements you see being advertised online or by influential people will actually help you in your bodybuilding regime. It doesn’t mean that if it works for one individual, it can guarantee that it’s going to work for everyone else.

When it comes to are bodybuilding supplements effective? It all boils down to basics: what you eat, the amount of sleep you get, your exercise routine, the supplements you take etc. all play a role in achieving that perfect body shape you always wanted. The basics are still the foundation. You can still build muscle even without using body supplements as long as you maintain your exercise routine, your diet, health and quality sleep. However, supplements are there to help you push yourself, maintain consistent energy, and aid your body. It’s just there to enhance your basic foundation. Are bodybuilding supplements effective and which actually work?

Are bodybuilding supplements effective: Potentially Effective Supplements


Are bodybuilding supplements effective? Beta – alanine is good if you want to maximize your potential. It is not as effective as creatine though it could be worth a try. Just like creatine, it is an amino acid which is broken down into carnosine in the muscles. What this does is that it helps muscle cells from excess acidity – which is something that your bodies produce if you do an intense level of workout.

The beta – alanine supplementation is very effective for athletes in particular that trains in the 60 to 240 second range. This one also provides around 2 to 3 % performance boost which makes it useful for athletes.

Beta – alanine can also be effective for lifters that tend to favor shorter and longer sets of rest periods because this supplementation can increase endurance. It can also increase the amount of work that a person can do in just one go. Unlike creatine, beta – alanine does nothing for power output.

According to researchers, there was a study that observed an increase in muscle growth after taking in beta – alanine. This is even after they controlled for the extra work that people who are using could do in the gym. This only means that this supplement may help you build muscle as well as increase your endurance.

Are bodybuilding supplements effective: Not Likely Effective

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Are bodybuilding supplements effective? Technically speaking, this supplement can help increase muscle protein synthesis but practically speaking, it’s not that useful because of the fact that whenever you eat something with protein, it already comes along with it. Taking in whey or meat is the way to go if you want to increase your intake of this supplement. Meat and why are also common protein sources for weight lifters.

This can also be effective if you’re working out while you are fasting. However, since eating more protein on your next meal is just as effective, it’s easier and could be cheaper to just stick to eating real food. If you do want to separately take the branched – chain amino acids supplements, we highly recommend you to get a flavored one.

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Are bodybuilding supplements effective? Nitric oxide boosters are not a single supplement. It’s actually more of a category. Popular supplements that can be considered as nitric oxide boosters include L-arginine, L-citrulline, and agmatine

These elevated nitric oxide levels increase cell proliferation. This is part of the process of building new muscle cells. It can also improve blood flow through relaxing the vessels in the blood. In addition to that, it can all increase the mitochondria cell efficiency. Such effects can all help build muscle.

When it comes to being a supplement, nitric oxide boosters certainly have a way to go. This is because the body has only a limit on how much L-arginine it absorbs. This supplement can be unreliable and may only increase the nitric oxide in the blood.

When it comes to agmatine, as of this writing, there’s no evidence that it can help build muscles. You can try to manipulate nitric oxide levels but the nitric oxide boosters available today may not help that much to your bodybuilding regime.


Are bodybuilding supplements effective? Beta – Hydroxy – Beta Methylbutyrate or HMB is a form of metabolite. It is produced by the body as it metabolizes leucine. HMB is known to prevent catabolism or muscle protein breakdown.   

Unfortunately, HMB does not affect sports performance as it isn’t more anabolic than leucine. It also doesn’t help build muscles. It can also be useful if you want to preserve muscles during caloric restriction though more research is needed in order to prove if it is practical.

There was a study published in 2014 using free – form HMB that shows strength gain and impressive muscles when it is used during an intense lifting cycle – this does not include caloric restriction. Most HMB products today don’t use this form. The findings of the study have not been replicated as well, so just be aware of this.

Putting It All Together

As you now have learned when it comes to the question, are bodybuilding supplements effective? There are indeed many muscle – building supplements that are not that affective. What you need to do first and foremost is to understand the basic of bodybuilding which is composed of the foundations we talk about earlier. Get enough sleep, eat the right meal (including protein), exercise regularly and just treat supplements as an enhancer not as a magic potion.

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