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Choosing the Correct Supplements. Supplements for bodybuilding, brands, buying online, gain, recovery, for men, for women, pre-workout, post work out, and more!









List of chapters included in the book


Chapter 1

Using Supplements in Bodybuilding


Chapter 2

Your Multi-Vitamin, Supplement #1


Chapter 3

Meal Replacements, Protein Powders


Chapter 4

Pre- and Post-Workout Supplements


Chapter 5

Mass Building Supplements


Chapter 6

Fat Loss Supplements


Chapter 7

Steroid Use in Bodybuilding


Chapter 8

Quick Reference


Chapter 9

Relevant Websites


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The Ultimate Information Guide for Bodybuilding Supplements

What benefits can I get from taking supplements? Will supplement speed up my progress? What supplements should I take? What is the proper timing for taking supplements? Many beginning bodybuilders, and even some intermediate and veteran bodybuilders, really struggle with the implementation of supplementation into their lifestyle. This books aims to answer all of these common questions and more.

Jon Shelton has written this book to provide an understanding of using supplements in bodybuilding, Multi-Vitamin Use, Meal Replacements and Protein Powders, Pre- and Post-Workout Supplements, Mass Building Supplements, Fat Loss Supplements, Steroid Use In Bodybuilding, and Much More! Supplements for bodybuilding, brands, buying online, gain, recovery, for men, for women, pre-workout, post workout, and more! The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Jon Shelton covers all aspects of Bodybuilding Supplements. The book is full of informative content and answers to your questions – including some you didn’t know you had!


Jon Shelton came to fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding the hard way — through sweat and perseverance. Taking a firm stance against steroid and drug use, Shelton is an advocate for targeted supplement use in concert with a well planned, healthy diet to optimize body appearance and performance.

Although a self-professed gym rat, Shelton’s books are aimed at people of all ages and fitness levels. “It’s never too late to get moving,” Shelton says, “and it’s never too late to start sculpting your body. Just pick a goal and then find the safest and most efficient way to attain it.”

Unlike many writers in the fitness field, Shelton has no contractual ties to any company. “If I tell you a machine is great, it’s because I’ve used it,” he says. “If I tell you about a product, it’s because I’ve used it with good results. Nobody is paying me to say anything.”

In his early twenties, Shelton went from being an overweight, out of shape couch potato to a fit and healthy athlete over the course of one year. “I wrote everything down,” he said. “What did work and what didn’t. I told myself I didn’t ever want to have to work that hard again, so I was going to keep up with what I was doing.”

Actually, Star admits that she writes about everything. “I’m never without my notebook,” she laughs. “I fill up book after book with journal entries, sketches, and ideas. One day I looked at the shelf over my desk just bulging with all those notes and thought I’d try to share some of my ideas.”

Now Star sees writing as part of her personal path, likening the gathering of information and the sharing of the material to a kind of active meditation. “If we get back what we put out into the universe,” Star says, “I want to make sure I’m sending the clearest signal possible.”

She keeps herself open to all ideas and all philosophies. “There’s just no one way to express or experience this miracle of existence,” she says. “I really don’t know who or what is running the show, so I try to be nice to priests and oak trees. That’s not a joke. All life and all belief is sacred.”

Above all, she holds to the key moral tenet of her Wiccan faith, The Wiccan Rede, “An Ye harm none, do what ye will.”

Jon Shelton




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Thought book could be comb, spiral or wire-o bound for it really needs to open flat for easier reading, I’d pay more for that 🙂 I totally LOVE! the view on Androgenic-Anabolic Steroids and Steroids for that matter she is totally REAL and more bodybuilders should understand the harmful effect on the heart and body.



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Diet & Nutrition For Bodybuilding

What do you think of when you hear the word “bodybuilder”? Perhaps you picture a large man with rippling muscles and rock-hard abs. Or a woman with tight, artificially tanned skin and bulging biceps. In reality, you do not have to spend twenty hours a week at the gym to become a bodybuilder and you do not need to become obsessed with lifting weights. All you need is the motivation and determination to improve your fitness and your body composition. If you want to improve your fitness and build a better body, this book is the perfect place to start. This book is full of information about bodybuilding at its most basic level, including aspects of fitness as well as nutrition.

“The Ultimate Information Guide for Bodybuilding Supplements”

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