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Do bodybuilding supplements really work? Some people love bodybuilding supplements, while some are a tad bit skeptical. You can’t blame those who don’t though because there are really lots of products out there that either don’t work at all or falls short of people’s expectation. Do bodybuilding supplements really work? In addition to bodybuilding supplements, one of the supplements that bodybuilders including health fitness experts are skeptical of is dietary supplements. Do bodybuilding supplements really work? In this article, we will discuss and answer your question so that you could gain more clarity and lessen those skepticism.

Do bodybuilding supplements really work: Dietary Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements are one of the supplements that many people are skeptical of. This is primarily because there are lots of fake products on the market today. 

Do bodybuilding supplements really work? Here’s the thing. Just like anything else in life, before you try out something, you should try first to understand generally what supplements could do for your body. This is regardless if you are going to use it for body building or not.

What most bodybuilders think is that bodybuilding supplements are going to magically make them all – muscular like Hercules. Or make them super strong like, The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. In actuality, supplements are created to enhance the results of a person’s diet regime and exercise routine.  

Bodybuilding supplements will do its job the same way a fuel additive does its job to get better engine performance in a vehicle. It will make you have that extra fuel for your workout; provide additional vitamins and proteins which will then allow your muscles to grow stronger and faster.

Do bodybuilding supplements really work? In the next section, we will look at different supplements and see just how effective they are.

Do bodybuilding supplements really work: Effectivity


Creatine is the number one bodybuilding supplement that bodybuilders use but the question remains, do bodybuilding supplements really work? As we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no such thing as a magic pill that can guarantee you to having that Adonis type of body. But creatine is the closest you can get to that idea. So how does it work and is it effective?

Unlike what most people think, creatine is not an artificial supplement. It can actually be found in you! It’s a natural body enzyme that stimulates the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate – this is the substance that repairs the growth of stressed – out muscles.

In other words, the creatine compound will provide you burst of energy as you exercise your muscles thus increasing the effectiveness of the work out because it will help build you a better muscle. The additional muscle that you will be able to grow through healing with be of better and higher quality and quantity respectively. 

Creatine compound can be taken as a liquid, powder or solid. You can also acquire it by eating eggs, meat and fish.


What a lot of people don’t know, especially those who are just starting out is this: post – workout is just as important as the actual workout. Post – workout is where new muscle takes place along with additional burned fat. This is also the phase where the body goes into a healing process and recovery.

This is where BCAA comes in but the question remains, do bodybuilding supplements really work? BCAA is composed of three amino acids namely, valine, leucine and isoleucine. These amino acids also aid in muscle repair just like creatine. If you take a supplement that has BCAA along with creatine, it can help your muscle recover faster and create stronger ones.

However, there’s only one problem with BCAA – you need to take this supplement multiple times throughout the day for it to be fully effective. The good news is that it isn’t that expensive but you have to have the discipline to take it.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is something that most people are also skeptical about. Fish oil is perhaps the best source of Omega 3. Omega 3 is an anti – inflammatory compound that is famously revered for its heart and brain benefits. For bodybuilders, you need this because it is the oil that your machine (body) needs so you can properly move. The question remains though, do bodybuilding supplements really work?

Fish oil can definitely help your joints from suffering from fatigue, and prevents you from feeling excessive pain while you do your work out. It also improves circulation and delivers more nutrients and oxygen in different parts of your body which will improve your stamina and endurance.

It’s also a great supplement for the brain because it will improve your focus. You can mainly get fish oil by eating seafood. If you’re not a fan of eating seafood, you can take Omega 3 supplements. This is also great for those who are not into bodybuilding. Don’t overlook fish oil, your joints, heart, and mind will thank you!


Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid just like creatine. The body uses this in order to maintain muscle mass. Here’s the thing though, it is drawn out of the muscle whenever you do stressful workouts. And since bodybuilding is all about creating that muscle mass, you shouldn’t fight against its critical component as it can hinder your progress and also endanger your health.

This is where glutamine comes in but the question again is, do bodybuilding supplements really work? You can get glutamine from natural sources such as meat, nuts etc. And since you’re working out to build lean muscles, you need to make your fat intake kept at a minimum. Glutamine can certainly help!

Whey Protein

I can’t tell you how many athletes, fitness experts, models and celebrities talked about whey protein, There are lots of whey protein brands out there but the question remains, do bodybuilding supplements really work?

As we’ve mentioned in this article, these are all powerful supplements that can help your bodybuilding regime but it’s not a miracle potion.

Whey protein contains high amount of leucine and lean protein which is the building material for your muscles to grow strong. If you want to get the full benefits of whey protein, you need to take this supplement a few times a day in the form of a protein shake.

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