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How hard should I train for bodybuilding? If you’re looking for tips on how you can build your muscles and look like a WWE wrestler, you might come across plenty of cheap advice. This is more evident if you’re watching a commercial from your fave athlete or celebrity. How hard should I train for bodybuilding? You will pretty much wind up like most people – confused and overwhelmed because there are lots of contradictory hacks out there. In this article, we will answer the question, how hard should I train for bodybuilding?

How hard should I train for bodybuilding: Filter the Info

Out of all the possible things you can know about training, fitness, diet and various bodybuilding regimes, it’s important to note that only 20% of those information are going to give you 80% results.

In fact, an average person who’s looking to build a muscular and lean body can actually learn everything they need in just 7 to 8 hours. Sure you can continue to learn more and improve but if you don’t know how to filter information, you’re just going to get lost. There are lots of articles out there online that tells you what is effective and what’s not. How hard should I train for bodybuilding etc. Then there are products and companies that tell you to buy these or that. These can all make you feel overwhelmed and easily confused.

So in this article, I’m going to make it short and just teach you the essential things you need to know. I’ll give you a thorough understanding of the basics of muscle building and give you five principles that you can apply and see the result yourself. This will also answer your question, how hard should I train for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding Basics

There are two mistakes that most newbies make when it comes to bodybuilding; they either push themselves too hard, or they don’t push themselves enough. Just like anything else, there should be a balance. You have to find that sweet spot.

If you keep on doing these mistakes, it can definitely stunt your progress. In fact, it can make your workout worse. It can eat up your motivation, health and time. It might leave you exhausted and make it harder for your to sustain a lifestyle.

How hard should I train for bodybuilding? Here’s the key to making long – term progress: Train yourself hard enough to overreach without overtraining yourself. You also need to avoid falling into a “good enough” workout regimen.

What many people don’t know is how rigorous you need to be when it comes to training and discipline in your diet. These things will essentially make you consistently progress beyond on the first stage of your bodybuilding goals.

How hard should I train for bodybuilding? When a person is new to weightlifting, the mediocre workouts and diet can still produce good or acceptable results. These gains are very real but it can still obscure some mistakes.

How hard should I train for bodybuilding: The Newbie Phase

After six to eight months of being in the newbie phase, the next stage for most people becomes a grinding halt. Trust me, I know firsthand how it feels to figure out how you can bring the motivation or spark back into this new endeavor.

A big part of consistency in bodybuilding is through making sure that you are giving enough in your weightlifting. You can implement these when you follow a systematic workout program. You need to overload your muscles, and handle some heavy weights in a progressive manner and also ensuring that you are recovering.  

What you need to do is go back to just really working out – squats, deadlift, and just keep pressing pounds over and over again every single week. This is why bodybuilding is not for the lazy and the weak. Such activities will require both mental and physical toughness.

How hard should I train for bodybuilding? Whenever you are in the gym, make sure to not focus on too much distraction. You’re not there to socialize anyway. Put some headphones on, fire up that music and just do the work. It’s also ideal if you do this when you feel the most energetic or strongest, as you know, there are just some days that we’re off. However, this is what separates those who are committed to those who aren’t. They grind even if they don’t feel like it.

There are also inner battles that you need to overcome. Sometimes the mind is just distracted, sometimes you’re just in a bad mood, or you psych yourself out by planning to do a lot but ending up not doing it and feeling frustrated. Don’t do that.

How hard should I train for bodybuilding: Visualization Techniques

One of the secrets that professional bodybuilders use in order to maintain their weight and also overcome mental obstacles is through visualization. Visualizing helps most people get out of their heads and focus on the task they need to do.

Visualization has science to back it up. There have been studies that show that mental imagery can enhance weightlifting performance. Here are the steps on how you can start visualizing:

Step #1: Visualize the workout you need to do. See yourself already achieving what you need to do for the day and also the end goal you want. See yourself hitting your reps target or having that fit body you always wanted.

Step #2: Imagine yourself performing each rep successfully before you even start doing it.

Step #3: After completing a set, if ever you ran into trouble, imagine yourself correcting it and do a problem – free set. Imagine that as you add weight to the bar, you’re doing a good job of lifting it.

There’s no harm in trying! We hope you learned a lot in this article, and answered your question, how hard should I train for bodybuilding? Stay tune for more posts!

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