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How to build muscles? The goal of every rep is not how many you can do or how much weight you can carry. It’s all about how to make your muscles do as much work as possible without injuring yourself. How to build muscles? Sometimes it’s also about how you do it. You should perform the rep well on a consistent basis so that you can maximize a particular routine. In this article, we’ll answer your question how to build muscles?            

How to Build Muscles: Proper Techniques

When it comes to how to build muscles? It’s all about range of motion and properly applying techniques. For instance, a proper technique when it comes to moving the weights is doing it in a controlled manner. You want to make sure that your elbows are tucked whenever you do a bench press. Another example, when it comes to doing dead lifts is that you need to maintain a neutral lower back. For squats, you need to keep your knees in line with your toes and the likes.

Some examples of proper range of motion are squatting to or just below parallel. You need to touch the upper bar of your chest whenever you do some bench press.  

How to build muscles? It’s essential that you get the techniques right. If you apply poor technique, it can reduce the range of motion which can ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your training. It can also contribute to higher risks of muscle injury. Learning the proper form on all types of exercises is straightforward and easy. You just need to be patient, keep the motivation and do the work well. You can choose various programs that are out in the market today if you want to delve into the nuts and bolts of weightlifting or bodybuilding.

How to Build Muscles: Eat Enough Calories

How to build muscles? Bodybuilding and weightlifting is not about exercise or lifting weights. If you want to have a sustainable muscle buildup, you need to eat enough calories and implement proper diet. This is because food can ultimately affect your ability to build muscle.

It’s not enough that you just eat protein. If you want to quickly build muscle, you need to also eat enough calories. This is because if you lack calories, your body won’t be able to build that much muscle.

How to build muscles? Here’s the thing you need to understand. Whenever you do a work out, you feed your body with energetic foods but you also burn so much energy. The relationship of these quantities is called energy balance. If you feed your body with less energy than it burns, you will end up creating a negative energy balance or a calorie deficit which is necessary for losing fat. However, a calorie deficit comes with a price.

  • A calorie deficit can impair your body’s ability when it comes to synthesizing proteins in the muscle. This means that your body can’t add to muscle tissue if there’s a calorie deficit.
  • It increase catabolic hormone levels and also reduces anabolic hormone levels. These can dramatically reduced testosterone which can hinder your ability to build muscle. It also increases cortisol levels. Calorie deficit generally impairs workout performance.
  • Newbie bodybuilders can gain strength while experiencing calorie deficit but most professional bodybuilders are going to slightly lose strength while they’re on this diet. However, all of these is not conducive to muscle growth.

These are basically the reasons why maximizing muscle growth requires a person to not be in a calorie deficit. The best way to do this is to just slightly overshoot your body’s energy needs then place it in a calorie surplus.

How to build muscles? No matter what you do with your macro – nutrients or diet schedule, if you truly want to build bigger muscles, you must have a positive energy balance. You can’t go around it!

How to Build Muscles: Get Your Head in the Game!

A big part of consistency in bodybuilding is through making sure that you are giving enough in your weightlifting. You can implement these when you follow a systematic workout program. You need to overload your muscles, and handle some heavy weights in a progressive manner and also ensuring that you are recovering. After six to eight months of being in the newbie phase, the next stage for most people becomes a grinding halt. Trust me, I know firsthand how it feels to figure out how you can bring the motivation or spark back into this new endeavor.

What you need to do is go back to just really working out – squats, deadlift, and just keep pressing pounds over and over again every single week. This is why bodybuilding is not for the lazy and the weak. Such activities will require both mental and physical toughness.

How to build muscles? Whenever you are in the gym, make sure to not focus on too much distraction. You’re not there to socialize anyway. Put some headphones on, fire up that music and just do the work. It’s also ideal if you do this when you feel the most energetic or strongest, as you know, there are just some days that we’re off. However, this is what separates those who are committed to those who aren’t. They grind even if they don’t feel like it.


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